When surfing the net in a search of diamonds you will surely come across synthetic diamonds alongside natural. What is synthetic diamond jewelry then?

The truth is there are three types of diamonds: natural, synthetic and fake diamonds like cubic zirconia or moissanite. While everything is clear with natural and fake that are not diamonds at all, the type we’ll focus on is synthetic diamonds. Jewelry incrusted with such gems is highly advertised now. The main reason of such popularity is temptingly lower price. While natural diamond jewelry is affordable mainly for wealthy people, mere customers turn their heads towards synthetic jewelry showcase. Especially it becomes a honey-plastered place before such important events as engagements and weddings. The reason is cultured diamond engagement rings are more appealing by their price. Cheaper – absolutely, dirt cheap – no way!

Synthetic jewelry unlike natural is cheaper but unlike fake is much more expensive. The secret lies in the approach applied to manufacturing gems. It usually takes not more than 6 days to created synthetic diamonds. Jewelry incrusted with them takes more time to be designed, just like with the rest of gems. Actually, one chamber or diamond growing apparatus cultivates one diamond at a time, more chambers – more diamonds. Genesis is known to employ about 250 apparatus what allows them to constantly enlarge their collection of cultured diamond engagement rings.

The demand for diamond engagement ring is extremely high because of pricey tradition to propose with diamond only. If you decide to present your bride-to-be a cultured diamond engagement ring, you will show your love, generosity and makings of a financially-concerned husband-to-be. She won’t refuse you if you make a right choice of shape and color. So better brows our catalog of cultured diamonds engagement rings to select what she will like. Hey, be careful not to fall under the dazzling spell of cultured diamonds by yourself! There are cultured diamonds engagement rings for men, too. Many men prefer immense gold or platinum rings neatly decorated by man made stones of blue, green, canary or colorless gems. Whatever your preferences concerning the color and size is, we hope you won’t have difficulties in selecting cultured diamond engagement ring for such a solemn occasion.