Whether you are interested in opening up your own tattoo shop, want to give tattoos to friends and family or just want to experiment with learning the art of tattooing, you will need some basic tattoo supplies to get your started. In a typical tattoo parlor, there is a huge amount of necessary equipment in order to have a sterile work environment, flawless art and a comfortable setting for clients. Here is what you will need if you want to set up your own shop:

Art Supplies: Any tattoo artist will need art supplies to home his or her craft each day. Even if you are not currently giving tattoos out, you can still work on different tattoo designs, colors, shading and more. You might also want to practice transferring a design from paper onto the skin, which you will need to do for actual tattoos in the future.

Tattoo Supplies: There is more than just a needle involved in the tattoo process. An artist will need to have tattoo power supplies, an actual tattoo gun, needles and tattoo inks in order to physically give the tattoo to a friend or a client. It is best to have a gun with a light to prevent any errors even in a darkened indoor space.

Hygiene Supplies: Before you consider giving anyone a tattoo, including yourself, be prepared and have all the necessary hygiene and sanitizing equipment on hand. It is standard practice to use a brand new needle with every single tattoo, rather than reusing or even sterilizing them in between uses. You’ll also want basic supplies like disposable gloves, green soap, ointment for after the tattoo is complete and bandaging to protect the new design.

Once you have all these supplies gathered, you can begin the process of giving a tattoo, or seriously learning about the art.